"The Premier Operational Contracted Security Company in the Industry Handling all of your Agencies Contracted Security Needs."

Mission and Values


As Security Professionals

Integrity: Be honest and highly ethical. Always do the right thing, with honorable intentions.

Respect: Treat each other and offenders as we want to be treated. Appreciate the authority given to us and use it appropriately.

Trust: Be competent and reliable. Build positive relationships.

Loyalty: Dedicate ourselves to our profession, our responsibilities and each other.

Mission Statement:


The TEAMS of Guard Force  are dedicated to providing the highest level of security and protection of our client's assets as well as to the public.

Guard Force  has a unique approach to systematic risk alleviation processes that identify, assess and reduce clients' exposure to risk. We work in an environment of cooperation, combining industry-leading expertise with the latest technology to provide seamless solutions customized to each client's specific requirements. We have a strong proven track record of success. We are committed to our responsibility for client's interests.


Our special officers/agents professional conduct and ethical standards are consistent and well above industry standards. We at Guard Force hold to a philosophy that a strong relationship with a client develops a strong contract. We believe that a customer contracts with Guard Force for a quality service.  We are committed to providing the best service possible for all clients. We will guarantee that relationship by following all legal requirements for contracted operational security. For our special officers/agents we are dedicated to providing a strong support system that allows the TEAMS to complete their tasks in a safe and responsible manner Guard Force recognizes that we must constantly anticipate and adapt to the changing needs of our industry.We will continue to develop ways to enhance existing training and programs as well as to foster new ways to better our company and services.


Guard Force  - Advisor TEAMS are prepared to assess your agencies needs and develop a plan built specifically for your agencies needs. We understand that there is a responsibility involving mutual trust and respect between us and our clients as well as the law enforcement community.


Our due diligence results in highly qualified, professional employees who take seriously the realization our efforts reflect upon our clients. The standards set forth for all Guard Force personnel is superior to the standards required of the requesting clients personnel.